3 Great Uses for Post and Panel Signs

Post and panel signage are usually perfect for businesses and schools for longevity, economy, and visibility. Post and panel signs are considered monument signage pieces and are usually freestanding. A post and panel sign is defined by two main things – the panel and the post. 

The sign’s face is the panel, and the posts hold it in place or house it. The materials used to make these signage solutions are metal, aluminum, vinyl, and wood. 

Uses for This Kind of Signage

  • Primary Identification 
 If you want to grab the attention of passersby who are walking or driving, post and panel signs might just do the trick.

If you want more significant first impressions, post and panel signs can be created in almost any dimension, including huge enough to act as a monument sign of a business location. The markers on the signage will serve as the principal identifiers, informing people about the business or institution situated there. Therefore, you will find these signs at the entrance near the main road or parking lot.

  • Directories 

You can also use these signage options as directories. You can even put a map to direct passersby’s because they vary widely regarding size options. Directories are ideal for multi-tenant and community buildings. It gives prospects an easy visual they can follow. Additionally, you can incorporate landmarks to ensure pedestrians easily find their way. 

  • Regulations or Safety Signage 

Post and panel signs are a great way to look professional and official if there’s permanent safety information or regulations for your community or location. For example, if your business is in an apartment complex, the signage can inform users about speed limits, speed bumps, children crossing, and other safety precautions.

You can also use post and panel signs to display specific safety information, for example, in areas with construction, excavation, road diversions, and necessary parking regulations. 

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