3 Outdoor Signs Every Business Needs to Succeed

The success of your business really does depend on location, location, location — or in the case of businesses, signage, signage, signage. Having signs that effectively and efficiently direct customers to your store or office can mean the difference between customer loyalty and losing them entirely to your competitors down the street. Here are three outdoor signs that every business needs in order to succeed.

Building Signs 

Custom Logo Signs
Every business need an outdoor sign.

Channel letters, logo signs, cabinet signs, blade signs — these building signs aren’t just for big businesses. Whether you’re a large office with an oversize sign or a small shop with multiple storefronts, these exterior graphics can instantly enhance your business and attract more attention. These are great for any type of business but will work best for companies that want to give off a more luxury feeling on their building or storefront. This is typically going to be one of your first investments in outside signage, so it’s important to get it right from day one.

Wayfinding / Directional Signs

Outdoor wayfinding and directional signage systems allow visitors to easily navigate your facility. When you have multiple buildings on your campus, wayfinding signs offer direction and assist people in finding their location. Wayfinding is essential for any indoor or outdoor space where navigation could be difficult or challenging, including office buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial facilities, etc. Directional signs are an effective way to help guide visitors through your building or campus. They can also help direct customers from one location to another within a single building. Directional signs should always include arrows pointing toward a specific destination with distances included as well as text describing what is at that destination (e.g., Main Entrance). Directional sign design also includes making sure that they are highly visible; having them positioned near windows or entrances will ensure that they catch visitor attention quickly and effectively.

Window Graphics

Appealing window graphics can improve both visibility and customer experience. Window graphics require little maintenance, are visible from all angles, and allow customers to view your message any time of day or night. Use window graphics for promotion messages, as well as safety signs, such as exit and restroom signs. Choose from indoor or outdoor materials that can be installed with ease. Choose a durable adhesive so you won’t have to worry about reapplying material every season.

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