4 Styles of Window Graphics to Increase Awareness and Interest in Your Brand

It’s not just the inside of your building that matters when wanting to attract and retain your customers. The exterior also counts, if not more! 

Your storefront is what creates an initial attraction to entice passersby’s and encourage commuters and pedestrians to take come and take a look inside your store. It is what increases your brand awareness from the outside.  

So, how do you create a professional storefront to build up a credible reputation and gain new customers? 

Long Island window graphics company
Use promotional window graphics to keep your customers informed.

Window graphics and other high-quality signage can be used to enhance your storefront. Your graphics can engage customers and pique their interest in your company. Every window graphic can be fully customized to include your unique brand colors and logo. This can help you to tell your story and convey your brand values quickly and easily to everyone. 

Using Window Graphics to Enhance Your Storefront

There are various types of window graphics that can be used for storytelling. Use a variety of these graphics to enhance your storefront and promote your brand in a positive light: 

  • Promotional – these are cost-effective graphics that can be used to inform your customers of upcoming sales. They can be tailored to your brand and are cheap and easy to make. 
  • Photographs – using photographs of your products show consumers exactly what they can get from you. They also showcase the kind of lifestyle that your brand is promoting. 
  • Custom graphics – your window graphics can be customized to deliver one-off messages or to include your unique branding. 
  • Murals – wall murals can be used to tell your brand story and attract consumers with the promise of a great customer experience. 

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