ADA and Safety Sign Requirements

When it comes to signage, there is a lot more to consider than the way you want the sign to look. In fact, there are laws and regulations that can mandate certain qualities for your signs. For example, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) both require specific signs for your facilities or work sites. By trusting a professional sign company like Genesis Signs & Graphics, you can be sure that your ADA and safety signs are meeting the necessary requirements and doing what they’re supposed to do in your facility or work place.

ADA Signs in Hicksville NY

ADA Signage Requirements

The ADA ensures that all Americans are treated fairly by businesses, even if they have a disability. This includes regulations that require some businesses to make their facilities accessible to these individuals. One of the keys to ADA compliance is using the right signage.

ADA signs need to be specifically designed to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. One of the requirements for ADA signage is color. ADA signs have to use high-contrast colors to convey their messages. High-contrast colors make these signs more visible and easier to read in low-light settings or for individuals with visual impairments. ADA signs also usually include braille lettering. This ensures that even if an individual with a disability cannot see the sign, they’ll still be able to read it. ADA signs are used to identify accessible entrances, elevators, areas of refuge and accessible bathrooms for individuals with disabilities. This ensures that both visitors and employees can easily access areas they need to access, even if they have a disability.

Safety Signs

Like ADA signs, safety signs also need to use high contrast colors to display their messages. This makes these signs hard to miss and ensures that they can be read in low-light settings. OSHA requires that workplace safety signs have rounded edges and that they are free of burrs or splinters. These signs need to be used to mark potentially dangerous areas in your facility. For example, a room with circuit breakers or other electrical equipment should be clearly marked with a sign that says “high voltage.” This ensures that people entering that room are prepared for the fact that there is potentially dangerous electrical equipment inside. These signs can also point out potentially dangerous equipment and ensure that proper care is taken.

ADA Signs in Hicksville NY

Safety and ADA Signs for You

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