Best Practices of Building the Right Corporate Culture With Consistent Messages and Graphics

In the corporate world, blank walls, company logos or static images printed on walls can create over time a sense of boredom and complacency, hence their impact and messaging can fade away. Employees and customers see the same images over and over and this makes them lose focus on your company’s corporate culture, goals and vision. The following are some creative ways to reinforce your corporate culture through consistent brand messages and graphics.

  1. Dimensional Letters

Using dimensional letters is an effective and innovative way to communicate your company’s ideals and values. Letters can come in many forms, shapes and materials such as PVC, foam, acrylic or various metals that are designed to match your corporate fonts. It is important to determine the message you want to convey and choose the appropriate dimensional letters based on the following factors:

  • The size of the available space
  • Colors within the space
  • Your lighting design and available natural light
  • Interior design elements
  1. Wall Graphics

Wall graphics can include posters and printed vinyl graphics on a board or applied directly to the wall. These wall graphics are extremely effective in conveying how your business can make a difference to its customers and can also be used to display the company’s brand images and core values which reinforces your corporate culture and purpose. Displaying your company philosophies and core values using creative wall graphics has the ability to ignite a fresh cultural outlook at the workplace.

  1. Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signs can help identify your company departments and include hanging ceiling signs, floor graphics, acrylic plaques, directory signage and maps. You can also use custom room identifiers or branded desks for your employees.

  1. Glass Door and Window Graphics

Etched vinyl graphics can be applied on glass surfaces to block out window views and create a sense of privacy for employees while allowing in natural light. Interior window graphics can be used to create an alternative view that transforms the entire room. You can display your branding messages with frosted window graphics on your interior glass doors.

  1. Standalone Graphics

Panels and framed posters printed using quality digital printers can be used to display messages about your company such as your core values and mission statement. These posters can be in the form of a swinging storyboard or can be strategically placed in a side-by-side fashion. Customers and staff will clearly know what your business stands for.

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Consistent messages and creative wall graphics that communicate your company’s culture and philosophy enhance the corporate environment making it more alive and vibrant. Both your employees and customers are flooded with insightful messages and images that not only entertain but provoke thought and inspire.