Welcome! An Introduction to Genesis Signs

Did you know signage is the least expensive yet most effective advertising for a local business? With the various options at Genesis Signs, our clients can make an investment with a return on their investment many times over. In fact, without proper signage, your business may be denied a loan. Additionally, the right signage can account for more than half of the customers that walk into your location.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, around 18.6% of the population relocated every year. This means signage needs to not only indicate to existing customers where you are, it needs to bring in more customers to replace old ones that have moved away. This is important as 85% of a local business’s customers live within a five-mile radius of the store they choose to frequent.

Fast food restaurants that added one monument sign saw a 9.3% increase in sales, and a 15.6% increase when they added a pole sign. At Genesis Signs, our team will work with each client to decide which signage will have the best results for their individual needs.

On average, a business that adds any type of signage will see an increase of 4.75%, but what does this mean for sales? For a business that grosses $500,000 in sales, this would be an additional $23,750 in revenue each year. That means simply investing in a sign can lead to on boarding new staff to increase productivity and customer satisfaction, which can lead to even more business.

In some cases, a sign will yield a minimum of 10 new walk-in customers a week that typically lead to six new sales that otherwise wouldn’t have happened. With the average cost of signage in mind, that means it takes less than a month for a new sign to fully pay for itself. When you partner with Genesis Signs, you’re looking at much longer than a month with your new sign.

We create signage solutions to best suit a company’s needs and keep long term usage in mind. Our in-house Graphic Design team can help with temporary installments for a grand opening while creating larger signage your company can use for year. By working with us, you get a long-term relationship with a company that will learn the branding voice and style of your brand and apply it to any new or seasonal signage you might need.