Channel Letter Signs For Corporate Buildings

Corporate buildings are commonly located in areas away from the city and more remote spaces and not commonly seen or visited. Corporate buildings are much larger than a regular stores that you’d find on a busy street in the city. This means that it is highly important to have large and perceivable channel letter signs on the exterior of the building to help distinguish the company and attract interest. A professional sign company has the proper skill, material, and equipment to create the best sign options for any corporate building to stand out and be recognizable. 

The Importance of Exterior Signage 

Help your building stand out with channel signs.

When it comes to corporate buildings, it is very popular for them to have channel letter signs as the buildings are large and the signs are highly visible and attractive. These signs can be customized in shape and size to fit any building size by a professional sign company and will create high-quality and unique designs that meet specific requirements. It is essential that your corporate building is easy to spot amongst surrounding neighbors, and the main way to achieve this is through large illuminated signs. 

Types of Signs for the Exterior of Buildings

There are a few different types of channel letter signs made available by a professional sign company and include: 

  • Front-Lit 
  • Halo-Lit 
  • Front and Halo-Lit 
  • Push Throughs 

These signs can be lighted and customized to capture your brand, colors, and font. Depending on your needs, a sign company can design the best options for you. Illuminated signs grab attention and make a building stand out amongst others. Your building will still be easily spotted at night with specially crafted channel letter signs.

If your corporate building needs reliable and custom-made channel letter signs, Genesis Signs & Graphics is your place.