Corporate Monument Signs: How to Raise Your Corporate Profile

Monument signs are becoming more popular every day, and their popularity comes as no surprise. Compared to standard signage, monument signs are big, bold, architectural signs that identify your corporate campus or enhance the outdoor space connected to your corporate building. Monument signs attract attention, welcome your clients before they enter your building, and set you apart from competitors who don’t have these great sign options available to them. These amazing pieces of design will build your corporate image and raise your company profile to new heights.

The Importance of Good Signage

Monument Sign
A corporate building needs to stand out from all of its competitors

Each corporate building needs a way of standing out from all of its competitors. This can be done through signage. Good signage can raise brand awareness, attract customers and raise customer loyalty. Great signs make people feel at home and welcome in your building, which makes them more likely to keep coming back. A good sign is also something that will last for years to come; it’s an investment in your company’s future. And with new technology, there are now many options available when it comes to designing great corporate monument signs. If you want high-quality signage but don’t know where to start, we at Genesis Signs can help!

What a Monument Sign Is

A monument sign is a large architectural sign mounted on a freestanding post or base. Generally, they are used to identify a corporate campus, welcome guests and clients before they enter your building, and as an incentive for visitors and customers to follow your company’s directions toward more information, products, or services inside.

Choosing Between Traditional and Digital Media

When choosing between traditional and digital media, it is important to remember that no one medium will be able to cover all aspects of your company. Because of their cost, monument signs are usually considered a long-term investment for corporations. However, there are several factors that can play into how you decide on what type of monument sign you need