Custom Lawn Signs for Class of 2021

Congratulations, Class of 2021! 

Every student who has managed to graduate or simply finish a grade level during a global pandemic deserves an award or, in our case, custom lawn signs. University graduates and high school graduates tend to get the most focus. However, every educational institution should do something special for their students, whether they graduated or simply passed a grade. Managing to complete any academic criteria during unusual and sometimes scary circumstances is a feat worth acknowledging. 

Custom Lawn Signs for Your School

Custom Lawn Signs
Get your bulk orders in now for custom graduation lawn signs for your school and district.

Most students have to forgo their traditional graduation ceremony, but there are some things that can remain the same – banners can be hung to decorate school buildings, entrances, fences, and campus grounds. Custom lawn signs can be lined up along the edges of campus and streets, encouraging all drivers and pedestrians to share in the celebrations. Engage the public with calls to action, “Honk for Our Graduates!”, and spread school pride all over the community. 

Share With Parents and the Local Community

Parents and teachers can also join in the celebrations with lawn signs. Buy large orders of lawn signs to share. Customize with school colors, name, and branding. Decorate every street and neighborhood in your district and create a shared experience. School events are common unifiers in a community, but we haven’t been able to gather this year. We can come together by sharing signs and banners for everyone who wants to partake.  

It’s important to hold on to tradition, even if it looks a little different this year. Get in your bulk orders now for custom lawn signs. Pepper the neighborhood so that every graduate and student can feel just how proud we all are that they have continued to excel during these highly unusual circumstances.