Customized Multidimensional Lobby Signs

Your business lobby needs a focal point. Customized multidimensional lobby signs are a dynamic and effective way to achieve this. 

A lobby logo sign serves several purposes. It grabs attention, it reinforces your brand, and it tells people they have, indeed, arrived at their intended location. All of this can be done with one sign mounted to a wall. It will also act as a point of visual interest to give your office a unique look. 

With customized multidimensional lobby signs created by a professional sign shop, you can have a unique piece of functional design made to fit the unique requirements of your space. 

A lobby sign enhances your brand image and makes your business more memorable.

Benefits of Customized Multidimensional Lobby Signs

The dimensional nature of the sign will help to set your business apart, as the sign appears to “pop” off the wall. 

There are many options available to you when your sign is made at a professional signmaker’s shop. You can have free-flowing, dimensional letters that take into account the contours and size of the wall, as well as the room it’s in, to create a sign that flows within the space. The size of these letters is also customizable and depends largely on the size of the wall where they will be placed. 

This lobby sign can be enhanced with further graphics that transform your logo sign from a simple branding tool into a design element that enhances the look and feel of the room. This is done with a creative approach that blends interior design with graphic design. 

One option is to use vinyl wall murals that tell your brand story. These graphics make use of the dimensional sign to extend the logo, while also ensuring everyone who enters your business will pause and notice your logo and accompanying graphics. Are you ready to enhance the look of your lobby? Get in touch for a quote.