Dimensional Letter Signs to Fit Your Building and Brand

The signs we use have been designed to fit our buildings and brands. And more often than not, those signs were designed with the client’s specifications in mind. However, it’s also important to consider how the building or brand will be perceived by the passers-by. For that reason, many organizations have started looking at the importance of using dimensional signs rather than standard signs. Dimensional signs can be a great fit for many different types of signs, including lobby logo signs

Dimensional letter signs are used to indicate commercial, industrial, and retail stores. They are also used to indicate other uses such as traffic control, general orientation, and monuments. These signs are installed at specific locations. They can be installed on building exteriors, building interiors, poles, walls, fences, and other structures. 

For a business owner, the most important part of the exterior is the face: the front of the building. That is where the owner wants to make the most impact and get the highest return on investment. People will pass by your building for months, even years, and they are passing by your building every day. The front of your building needs to deliver marketing messages and represent your brand. 

Genesis provides high-quality custom letter signs, business signs, vinyl displays, vehicle graphics, and graphics for all your business needs.

Dimensional Letter Signs Benefits

If you have a unique or distinct building or storefront, consider offering a sign that is a true representation of your business or venue. This could easily be done with a dimensional letter sign.

The benefits of dimensional letter signs for your building and storefront including the following:

1. Totally customizable.

2. Shaped to fit your brand’s font.

3. Use custom colors and materials that match your brand and carry your brand voice.

4. Customize to fit your building in terms of size and proportion, and placement. 

5. Makes a big impression and is highly visible.

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