Directional Signs for Government Buildings

Government buildings play a very important role in getting work done in an easy manner for various types of visitors. It is essential that the interiors of government buildings must be designed in such a way that they act as proper directional signs for different chambers, offices, and departments. Government buildings have various branches inside, therefore, these buildings are usually huge, sometimes complicated, and occasionally intimidating. To avoid confusion for the visitors, directional signs for government buildings are mandatory for navigation purposes. 

Types of Directional Signs 

Wayfinding signs in government buildings help visitors navigate the usually complex hallways.

There are various types of signs that are required inside and outside of a government building. Some of the examples of directional signs for government buildings commonly include:

  • Exterior Signs
  • Interior Signs
  • Signs relating to the logos of different branches inside the building
  • Monument Signs
  • Warning Signs
  • Directional or Wayfinding Signs

Purpose of Directional Signs

Directional signs provide a way for visitors to navigate the various halls and passages to arrive safely at their destination. These signs help visitors in recognizing the floors, hallways, and room numbers. Various numbers and name-based signs help in identifying the location the visitor is currently at and the destination the visitor is trying to reach. Conformational forms of signs are required in the larger, more complex government buildings, such as city halls, parliamentary or congressional offices, or public hospitals. These signs ensure that the visitor reaches their accurate destination in a timely fashion. 

Information-based directional signs provide visitors with the important information, which is essential for them. Therefore, it is recommended that sign experts and professionals be chosen to plan and implement the directional signs for government buildings

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