Directories and Wayfinding Signs Guide Your Guests

A large office building, health care facility or government building can be horrifically difficult to navigate. Usually, everything is uniform making it impossible to differentiate between floors or departments. This makes navigation even more difficult. People will have little indication that they are heading in the right direction or even if they’re on the right floor. This is why your building needs to have signs that guide visitors, patrons or employees through the maze of halls and doors that they may encounter. A great method to ensure that people get where they need to be is combining signage types. When you combine directory signs and wayfinding signs by Genesis Signs & Graphics, you get the perfect combination for your building.

Directory Signs in Hicksville NY

Lobby Directories

Directory signs are commonly found in lobbies. These signs inform visitors which floor of the building they need to head to and what suite number they need to be looking for. People can identify where they’re heading almost as soon as they enter the building with lobby directories. These signs are usually larger and often can be updated easily if different tenants move into a suite. A lobby directory is a great start, but you’ll need more than that to make your building easy to navigate.

Secondary Directories

Adding multiple directories to your building is a smart move. These directories will ensure that visitors know where they’re heading once they’re out of the lobby. Your secondary directories do not have to be as large as your lobby directory, but they should contain the relevant information needed. You can put these smaller directories in strategic areas like your elevator lobby. This way people will be able to quickly reference the directory as they get in the elevator. You could also place these secondary directories on the upper floors of your building. These don’t have to have the name of every company or department in the building, but you could include just the names that can be found on that floor.

Wayfinding Signs

Having multiple directories will definitely help people navigate your building, but combining those with wayfinding signs will make sure that people get exactly where they need to be.  Wayfinding signs point the way to the locations that people are searching for. They show people the direction they need to go to find important areas or offices. Once your directories have clued people into where they need to go, these signs will guide your visitors as they move through your building. Wayfinding signs can also indicate where vital areas, like restrooms, stairwells or emergency exits, are located. This will make things easier on your visitors and also keep people calm as they search for these areas in an emergency situation.

Wayfinding Signs in Hicksville NY

The Best Solution for Your Business

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