Don’t Ignore State Regulations for Signage

In your zeal to start and operate a business, you must not forget to fulfill the required legal obligations. It’s easy to assume the need to conform to state regulations for signage having fulfilled all the other legal requirements. Failing to comply with local and state guidelines for signage from the onset is one mistake that leads to heavy penalties. 

Following are local and state guidelines for signage which businesses ought to be familiar with:

  1. Signage Permit

Signs such as A-frames, permanent signs installed on buildings or by the roadside, are controlled by the state government. Before you think of contacting a graphic designer to design and install these type of signs for your business, get signage permit.

  1. State Regulations On Off-Premise Signs

Off-premise signs are those erected on premises other than where a business is actually located. An example is a billboard sign. The state regulates the location, size, spacing, and type of lighting of off-premise signs erected along regulated highways. To erect off-premise signs, a business requires outdoor advertising permit.

  1. General Local and State Regulations Concerning Outdoor Advertising Signage

There are certain prohibitions that businesses should remember when installing outdoor signage. Outdoor signage should not:

  • Be erected unless signage permit has been acquired.
  • Imitate an information or directional sign by using words such as “slow down” or “stop”.
  • Integrate lights that flash or blink or resemble those indicating a danger or warning signal.
  • Have illumination that is likely to blind the vision of travelers on the highway.
  • Obstruct an official traffic sign or device.
  • Be erected within 100 feet of state forests, cemeteries, public parks or playgrounds.
  • Be erected on natural rocks or trees.

When embarking on design and installation of signage for your business, please do keep in mind the local and state guidelines explained above. Remember also to work with professionals when installing signage.

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