Enhance Your Office Interior with Essential Indoor Signs

Interior signs are important for any business, no matter the industry. 

There is a range of essential indoor signs that you should include in your commercial building or office. From the lobby signs and wall graphics to the office signs and wayfinding signs, you can use interior signage to enhance the customer experience. 

It’s not just the type of signs you use that is important. The placement of your signs is also key to creating a cohesive and engaging experience for your visitors. 

Where to Place Your Essential Indoor Signs

Wayfinding signs can help your customers seamlessly navigate through the building. 

When considering where to place your indoor signs, consider the consumer journey inside your building. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and clients. 

Where in the office would you feel most engaged by an interior sign? Place your signage where they are easy to spot and can be followed around the office to tell your brand story and reflect your brand message. 

Lobby signs or reception logo signs are the stars of the show when it comes to your essential indoor signs strategy. You want to impress your customers as soon as they enter the building and leave your mark on their minds. 

You can also use wayfinding or directional signs to help your visitors easily navigate around. These signs can make their journey through the office seamless and enhance their experience with you as a business. 

Informational signs can be incorporated into each area of your building to inform your customers and employees of important updates or upcoming promotions. 

Finally, ADA signs are essential indoor signs to promote inclusivity. These signs can help those with disabilities to find their way to the right area in your building. 

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