Great Signs for Small Businesses

Not all businesses are equal, so not all signs will work for all businesses. In fact, small businesses may have a hard time trying to find the right marketing plan and material. Small businesses need to advertise within their budget, which often doesn’t allow for billboards, radio or TV spots. But with the right signs, small businesses can get the attention they need and build their business while staying in their budget. At Genesis Signs & Graphics, we offer several great types of signs that work well for small businesses.

small business signs in Hicksville NY

Yard Signs

One of the best types of signs for small businesses is the yard sign. Yard signs give you the same design options of larger signs, but at a much more affordable price. You can add your name, logo and contact information to these signs and place them wherever they might get the most attention. You can even ask clients and customers if you can place them in their yards. They also work well on your own property. And you can buy a large number of these signs and use them over your entire market without having to spend as much as you would with other signage types.

Window Graphics

Window graphics are another great option for small businesses. Window graphics turn your windows into billboards that are sure to grab attention. More importantly, they use space that you already lease or own to advertise. Window graphics don’t require any extra mounting hardware, so they’re more affordable than more complicated types of signs. And you won’t have to shut down your business to install them. You can quickly and affordably turn your storefront into a marketing tool with window graphics.

Vehicle Wraps

Another valuable type of sign for a small business is a vehicle wrap or graphic. Vehicle wraps let you advertise anywhere you take your vehicle. So, you can get attention in your market and even beyond. This is particularly valuable for businesses that use vehicles in their daily operations, but area also great for the small business owner commuting to and from the office. You can turn your personal vehicle into a mobile advertisement that will work on the road or in your driveway.

small business signs in Hicksville NY

Your Signs

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