Help Your Small Business Soar With These Signage Tips

Conventional forms of advertising like TV ads are usually very expensive. As a result, not all businesses can afford them, especially the small ones. However, this should not worry you. According to a recent study involving approximately 100,000 households, store signs were ranked second when it came to determining where customers will purchase their goods. As a result, with a few signage tips, you can grow your business on a limited budget.

With that said, the following are essential tips on how to make your business soar with the right kind of signage.

Making Sure It Is Visible

If you place your sign where it can be obstructed by buildings, trees, power lines, or even other signs, then you will definitely lose customers. Any place you choose to put up your business signage has to be inspected to make sure that it is free of any blockages. This typically involves evaluating the placement of your business signage from every vantage point that a potential client might have. In some cases, you may need to add lights or use bright colors in order to make your sign more visible.

Keeping It Simple

According to visual marketing expert James Kellaris, any sign that seems too complicated will often cause a customer to view your brand as untrustworthy or disorganized on a subconscious level. Therefore, in order for your sign to remain relevant and have the desired effect on potential customers, it is essential that you keep it as simple as possible. This can be done sticking to relevant information that will most likely get customers into your store.

Make It Functional

Having signage is an ideal way of advertising your business so that customers can actually come into your store. This is because, aside from making them aware that your business exists, you can also use signage to announce the latest promotions or upcoming sales and discounts offers.

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Make It Unique

The fact is that customers tend to respond differently when it comes to business signage. As a result, your sign should be unique based on:

  • The kind of business you have
  • The kind of customers you want to appeal
  • The current trends impacting your business and your target niche
  • What kind of message or tone you want to convey

By taking all these factors into account, you will stand of a better chance of getting customers into your store.

Despite a spike in marketing technologies, businesses still need proper signage, and Genesis Signs fully understands this. Contact us today to get the right signage for your business.