How Indoor and Outdoor Signs Need to Work Together

You’ve got a shiny, new, and big monument sign outside your place of business. That’s great! However, if you think that’s all you will need to get more customers to walk into your doors, you might have to think again. One outdoor sign will only be able to help you out so much. So, you will still need a combination of both indoor and outdoor signs to be effective. This article will highlight why these two signage strategies need to work together.

Draw Prospects From Outside to Inside

An outdoor monument sign is impressive, will attract the attention of passersby’s, and will make your entrance look fantastic. The main function of your outdoor signs is to attract new customers, create awareness and interest in your brand. However, what about the rest of the space? If you have bare walls inside, then the first impression your outdoor signage made on customers may start wearing off once they’ve entered your place. 

Your outdoor and indoor signs should match your building’s surroundings and layout, as well as tailer to your target audience. 

Keeping the Customer Attention 

You need to ensure to give your customer a pleasant experience once they’re inside your building or place of business. You want your business to have a soul, have a memorable lobby, and impress your prospects with your brand identity. This is where both indoor and outdoor signs need to work together. Indoor signs need to provide a great experience to retain clients and make them your brand ambassadors.

For example, lobby signage will help drive home brand identity by showcasing the logo as its centerpiece. In addition, vinyl wall murals and wall art give a stimulating background. 

Whether you need a standard office, lobby, and logo sign, or make an impression with channel letter signs, contact us at Genesis Signs & Graphics today.