How to Design an Attractive Storefront

Having an attractive storefront is an important consideration. It is, after all, what will entice customers and potential customers to enter your store. 

To be truly effective, your storefront needs to do more than just look good. It also needs to communicate. 

Whether you intend it or not, your storefront already communicates something to the public. If you have put zero effort into your shop’s appearance, that message might be that you don’t care. This is not what you want to communicate to the public. 

To avoid this, put some thought into your storefront so that the message you’re communicating is what you really want customers to know. 

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One way to effectively communicate a message is through window graphics.

Window Graphics

One way to effectively communicate a message is through window graphics. You can tell people about your brand through images and graphic design, or your communication could be more literal, with words used to tell customers exactly what you want to say. 

A brand story could be told through images, you could display your logo, or you could present your mission statement through window graphics. 

Building Signs

An exterior sign attached to the building is essential for any business. It’s how people find your business, and it’s how you communicate your business name and branding. 

There are many types of signs, from light-up three-dimensional letters to backlit panels. For maximum visibility, an electric sign with lights is a great option. 

Door Graphics

When considering storefront design options, don’t forget about the door. This is a great spot for graphics, as it’s the one spot every customer will definitely see as they enter. You could be subtle and just display your logo or business name at eye level. 

Or you could be bold and cover the entire door in a graphic. This is a great way to make your business stand out, especially on a busy street.