How to Improve School Spirit with New School Signage

To encourage school spirit and make sure every student feels welcome on campus, schools have to consider more than just the official school colors, mascot, and logo when creating their branding scheme. One of the easiest ways to bring students together on campus and create an inclusive environment is through school signage solutions. Whether it’s through new campus monument signs that make every student feel proud as they arrive or wall murals in classrooms or locker rooms, these solutions help every student love where they learn.

School Pride Starts With a Welcome

school signage

School spirit starts at a school’s front door. And there’s no better way to welcome students and make them feel like part of a community than campus monument signs. A custom sign at the entrances can communicate a sense of place, highlight school traditions, and honor alumni. 

Custom Wall Murals in Locker Rooms or Classrooms

It’s one thing to paint a wall at school or a logo on a field. But when you’re branding your campus, make sure to include custom wall murals in locker rooms and classrooms. These murals will reinforce school spirit and help keep kids excited about attending class every day. School mascots, highlights from last year’s big win, inspirational quotes — the sky is really the limit here. Most importantly, though, make sure your custom wall murals in schools are uniquely yours and present a consistent message.

Custom Wall Murals in Hallways

School spirit is a crucial element in student engagement. Walls are an often-overlooked opportunity for promoting school spirit; after all, that’s what you’re looking at most of your day when you move between classes. A custom mural on a hallway can really make a space stand out and feel more inviting. 
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