How to Place a Partial Vehicle Wrap

Sometimes you don’t need an entire vehicle wrapped. In these instances, a partial vehicle wrap is the perfect solution. So how do you know when you need only a partial vehicle wrap instead? Here are a few instances.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

There are three main types of vehicle wraps: full wrap, partial wrap, and spot graphics.

If your vehicle colors happen to match or compliment your brand colors, they can be worked into the design to boost your brand identity. A partial vehicle wrap could be seen as using negative space to create a greater impact. 

If the color of your vehicle is one of your brand colors, you can really get creative. Through a mix of vinyl wrap placement and original vehicle color, you can create interesting designs that will be sure to grab the attention of passersby’s. 

Wrapping your vehicle with custom graphics is a great way to extend your branding.

Design Considerations

When doing a partial wrap, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you need to decide where the wrap is going to be placed. Remember that you’re doing this to get noticed. Maximum visibility is the goal, not necessarily where it will look best on the vehicle. If the vehicle is often parked doing deliveries in areas with high foot traffic, having something on the passenger side makes sense. This way, it will be noticed by people walking by. 

For a van that does a lot of highway driving, you may decide that the back doors are where your message will be best received. 

Consider how to give your wrap a seamless flow. Often, this means considering edges and body panel sections of the vehicle to create seamless transitions. Also, keep in mind the curves and angles of your vehicle, while thinking about how you can incorporate those shapes into your vehicle wrap design. 

The goal is to get the best looking wrap you can while also getting your message out into the world. 

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