Important Features of Effective Healthcare Signs

There are several different kinds of individuals who enter a hospital. From pharmacists and lab technicians to patients and employees. Meaning it’s essential to welcome this diversity with warmth, reassurance, and care. 

The right healthcare signs can help visitors and patients navigate the confusing surroundings easily, give them access to critical health-related data, reduce wait times and enhance patient in-take procedures. 

Must-Have Features

  1. Integrated Design
ADA signage
Healthcare signs will help make everything so much easier.

Effective healthcare signs are those that feature integrated designs. If you can’t use it to get the right cues when you need them, the entire purpose is lost. Healthcare signs need to have a variety of elements, including patient information solutions, exterior signage that directs visitors and patients to the right departments/buildings, and so on. 

  1. Clear Content

The central aspect of any healthcare signs should be content. Hospitals tend to lose quite a lot of money because of inefficient communication. Therefore, a healthcare sign needs to provide people with straightforward and easy-to-read instructions to reach their desired locations and take their desired actions. 

  1. Workflow Management 

Healthcare signs with strong built-in workflow management systems ensure they deliver the right messages to the right audience. This is even more critical for support staff and employees as it helps streamline daily operations. 

4.   Changeability

Hospital environments are constantly changing. One of the most critical aspects of good-quality healthcare signage is to ensure they’re current and up-to-date. Some signage will require you to update frequently, like activity boards, “on-duty” notices, and so on. It’s essential to have signs that you can change easily and quickly. This process shouldn’t be too complicated for you to do.

How to Create a Wayfinding Strategy for a Hospital or Healthcare Facility

To help visitors navigate your facility without stress, you should:

  • Adopt color coding to guide clients to various departments
  • Provide enough lighting to ensure signs can be seen all day and night
  • Offer digital directories and maps to make walking and driving seamless

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