Interior Window Graphics for Privacy and Branding

The sign industry is constantly evolving thanks to trends and innovations in technology. However, many businesses fail to capitalize on these new technologies and trends, inviting potential consumers to walk right by them. This is where a vibrant and attractive window graphic can come in handy, as it allows brands to showcase their logo and message to passersby’s, as well as draw attention to potential shoppers.

Indeed, commercial signage plays a vital role in a business’s overall branding identity, and it’s not uncommon for companies to spend thousands on custom wallpaper or window graphics. But what makes a graphic design good? Is it the typeface or color palette? The imagery? Is it the brand name and logo that make a sign more successful or just the fact that the business name is on it?

There is also another benefit to interior window graphics: PRIVACY 

Window graphics are an important part of a building’s interior and should be used to promote the business’s purpose.

Where to Place Interior Window Graphics for Privacy

Window graphics are an excellent way to liven up indoor or outdoor space. However, there are a few considerations that need to be kept in mind while installing window graphics. For example, you need to take into consideration factors such as the location, type of window, whether or not a window is tinted, and the design of the outside of the building.

Here are the top places to install interior window graphics:

1. Conference room walls: 

Placement is key. These graphics can either be a full window graphic or a partial window graphic that adds a hint of privacy while still maintaining an open and inviting office atmosphere. 

2. Anywhere you may speak to clients that will want a bit of privacy from the rest of the office:

For example, such as in doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices, lawyers’ offices, financial institutions, and more. 

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