LED Lights for Business Signs

If you want your business sign to be a bit more noticeable, then you might want to consider using LED lights. In the last couple of years, LED lights have slowly become the in thing in the illumination space. As a result, more businesses are saying goodbye to incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen light solutions and are adopting LED lights for business signs. This article is going to highlight why. 

Why Should You Use LED Lights?

The benefits of using LED lights in business signage include:

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  • Energy Efficiency – One of the main reasons most business owners go the LED route is that these lights use very little energy compared to the other option available. LED lighting options consume nearly 75% less power than the other more traditional solutions. This reduction will help significantly reduce the business’ energy costs.  
  • Low Maintenance – These lights have become so popular because they have lower maintenance requirements than their counterparts, which also helps make them the more affordable option. LED lights don’t have any glass tubes or gasses, so you won’t have to worry about leaks and breaks constantly. 
  • Eco-Friendly – Your typical LED business sign will use only ten to fifteen watts of electricity, which is almost 75% less energy than neon signs. LEDs reduced energy needs help reduce the strain and stress on the environment. 

Features of LED Lights 

LED lights have many exciting features. For starters, they offer a better appearance because they’ll always have consistent brightness and will be fully lit at all times. Secondly, they usually have a very long lifespan. Quality LED lights can last up to 100,000 hours, almost six years more than their counterparts. 

LED lights for your business signage might just be what you need to help make your sign stand out from the rest. Contact us at Genesis Signs & Graphics today if you want to know more about the interior & exterior options and the best LED channel letters for your business