Make a Monumental Impression with a Corporate Monument Sign

Monument signs make an impact. Designed to be large, bold, sculptural, and architectural, they help you stand out in your industry and attract attention to your business or organization. Monuments are great for large corporations that want to attract attention with their monument sign — or any company that wants an alternative to the traditional storefront sign or billboard. Design tips will help you create the best monument sign to capture the attention of potential customers and reinforce your brand identity.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Corporate Sign

When you’re thinking about choosing a corporate monument sign, there are some key considerations to think about. Cost, of course, is important because business owners need to know that they can afford their sign. Location is another factor — where will your sign be located? This decision should be tied into other elements of your company and branding plan. What message do you want your business to communicate, and how does your signage fall in line with that goal?

Make an effective impact with monument signs.

Choosing the Best Design for Your Needs

When you’re choosing a design for your corporate monument sign, think about what will look best on that certain site. As much as you want to show off your company’s logo and colors, there are times when other designs may be more appropriate. You don’t want an overbearing or unprofessional design if it will clash with your surroundings. Be sure to hire an experienced designer who can consult you on what would look best for your needs and budget.

A Great Location Will Make All the Difference

Want to make a good first impression on potential customers and clients? Your company’s monument sign is your best bet. A large, bold display featuring your company name and logo will drive home what you do while also welcoming people in. Think of it as an introduction: This is who we are, and if you like what you see, come on in! Of course, location is key here; make sure your sign looks great from the street.

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