Monument Signs: A Smart Investment for Long-Term Brand Recognition

Monument signage is one of the most eye-catching signs a business can install. These signs are installed at the property’s entrance, meaning visitors and passersby will see them regularly. Due to their high visibility, monument signs are considered ideal for growing brand recognition.

In this blog, we’ll explain why these large commercial outdoor signs are excellent investments for any business. Plus, you’ll learn about the types of materials available so you can maximize the utility and longevity of your sign.

Monument Signage Conveys a Sense of Solidity

Monument signs stand out from other kinds of commercial outdoor signs as they project a sense of permanence and stability. It’s why they are popularly found at the entrances of educational institutions, large office complexes, churches, and other long-standing establishments. When their permanence blends with the business’s branding, these signs serve as a powerful tool for spreading brand awareness widely.

Installation Location

Monument signage is typically installed directly in the line of sight of passersby. Most businesses choose designs that are four to ten feet tall, providing excellent visibility. If you are located in a busy commercial area, these signs will help you get noticed by drivers and pedestrians alike.

Extremely Customizable

When it comes to design, the possibilities for customizing monument signage are virtually limitless. You can personalize signs with your business’s branding, choose materials that reflect your decor, and create attractive sign faces. The wide range of customization options means you can design a sign that accurately captures your branding.

Exceptional Versatility

The unparalleled versatility of monument signage means they unlock more than just branding opportunities. These commercial outdoor signs are ideal for maximizing advertising too. For instance, signs with digital sign faces can be used to display advertising messages, scrolling text, and so much more. Unlike static signs, digital signs can make people linger, and boost sales.

Choosing the Right Types of Materials for Your Sign

Monument signs can be made from different kinds of long-lasting materials. From traditional brick and mortar to new-age foam core, metals, and aluminum–there is a wide range of materials to choose from. Each material possesses unique qualities:

  • Brick and Stone: These materials provide an elegant, timeless look to the sign and offer excellent durability.
  • Wood: For a rustic look, wood is the right material. It is weather-resistant, too, but it requires routine maintenance.
  • Foam Core: As one of the lighter and less expensive materials available, foam core offers great durability. It can also be used to resemble the look of stone, brick, and wooden signs.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum and other metals are the best options for giving your sign a sleek and sophisticated look.

Create Head-Turning Commercial Outdoor Signs

Monument signs are significant investments both in terms of outlay and effort. It’s why working with a reputable signage partner is essential.

At Genesis Signs and Graphics, we bring years of experience designing, building, and installing monument signs. We offer expertise in visual communication and marketing, helping you find cost-effective options for your business.

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