Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Canopy For Your Event

If you plan on having an outdoor party, a wedding celebration, a family gathering or any other special event, having the right canopy can add to the glamor of the event. A well-chosen canopy creates an exciting and memorable experience.

Here is a list of questions to consider when choosing a canopy for your event:

  1. What type of canopy do you need?

You need to understand the specific type of canopy you want to hire for your event. It is important to choose a canopy that befits your event. Common types of canopies include:

  • Frame event tents: Ideal because they are large in size and allow for more space. Plus they are suitable if you dislike stakes or center poles.
  • Clear tents: They render more space and open appearance. They enable you to see what’s in the background and in the sky.
  • Century event tents: These tents are large and allow for customization. They allow you to adjust the tent to suit your special event as they feature additional pieces which can be added to the ends, center and middle sections.
  1. How many guests are you expecting?

Know how many guests will attend your event. This will be helpful in choosing a canopy of the right size. For a small event, don’t rent a large canopy. In this case, a frame tent is very suitable. For a large event with many guests, choose a large canopy such as a century event tent.

  1. Where will you place the canopy?

Do you intend to place the canopy on grass, carpet, concrete, or on a beach? You must not forget this consideration since different types of canopies are suitable for certain surfaces.

  1. What are the prevailing weather conditions?

Choose a canopy with sidewalls on all four sides if the venue of your event has severe weather conditions. This will keep off extreme heat or cold from entering the tent.

We Have What You Need

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