Revamp Your Business Sign

Competitors will gain an edge over you if you fail to keep up with the times. For example, monument signs are a traditional way of advertising your business. Many people think of them as being fit for government agencies, hospitals, and schools. Revamping these signs would give them a modern appeal that resonates with many people in your community. One way of doing it is by introducing channel letters to the monuments. These blocks of words stick out from the central structure. Go a step further by selecting channel letters that light up from within or the ones that use external backlights.

LED Signs

They are the latest craze in the sign industry because of various reasons. For example, they are low-maintenance, and they last for a long time. They also have multiple options for color. More importantly, they are an ideal choice for revamping business signs. In fact, integrating an LED sign into a pylon or fascia sign is an excellent idea.

More specifically, pylon and fascia signs have a fixed message making it difficult for businesses to communicate temporary concerns to their clients. LED signs remove this limitation. More specifically, they can display changing communications, as the other parts of the pylon or fascia sign can show a fixed message.

led readerboards in Hicksville NY

Box Signs

Business owners love these signs because they are straightforward and easy to maintain. In other words, you don’t need any training to handle them. They are also suitable for revamping post and panel signs. Integrating box signs into post and panel signs breathes a little life into them. Moreover, people will see these signs at night.

The integrated box signs can communicate information that people seek at night such as opening and closing hours. This addition to post and panel signs is especially vital for businesses that operate at night or those that run for 24 hours.

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