Sign Repair and Restoration Services Keep Your Signs Looking Good

People make judgments about your business based on your signage. Someone may walk right on by your business without giving you a second glance if you have an ancient, beaten up sign out front. A dilapidated sign may actually give people the impression that your business has gone belly up, even if in reality, you’re thriving. Time, weather and vandalism can take a major toll on your signage. When they do, you need to make sure that you can recover quickly. The best way to ensure your signs are bringing in customers is to keep them looking their best. With sign repair and restoration services by Genesis Signs & Graphics, you’ll never have to worry about old signage driving away customers.

Sign Repair and Restoration in Hicksville NY


Time takes its toll on everything. As your signs age, they may wind up with cracks, splits or other problems no matter how well they’re made. We make our signs to last, but eventually, there may be a problem that needs to be resolved. Our talented team of sign experts will get your sign looking like it did when you first bought it. We can restore your sign to its original condition, bringing you business and getting your name exposure.


The weather is an outdoor sign’s worst enemy. Even the most robust and sturdy types of signage will eventually fall victim to the weather. Years of sunlight may fade the colors of your signs. Years of rain may result in moisture in lighting and mounting hardware. Over time normal weather may lead to cosmetic or even electrical or structural problems with your signs. Extreme weather can lead to more serious damage. A bad storm may leave your sign busted and broken or even knock it down entirely. Whatever the weather damage, our team can repair your sign and get it working like it should.

Even When They Aren’t Our Signs

Not everyone puts the same time and effort we do in creating signs. Sometimes you may wind up with a product that doesn’t hold up at all. Or you may have bought an incredible sign from a business that is now no longer in existence and that sign is showing its age. If you run into a problem with a sign that another company designed and installed, we’ll still restore it. That means that your existing signage will always look perfect. Even if we didn’t make it, your sign will be in perfect order.

Sign Repair and Restoration in Hicksville NY

Sign Repair and Restoration Services for You

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