Take Advantage of Summer Events with a Trade Show Display

Summer events are a great thing for your business. These events provide opportunities for you to market your business to a large number of people. Usually, summer events are outdoor affairs. These can include trade shows, concerts or even county fairs where your business may want to set up a presence. If you wind up with an opportunity to set up at one of these events, make sure you’re making a good impression. With the right display material, you’ll make sure that people are taking notice of your business. The right event or tradeshow display combination will be sure to grab attention during the summer.

A Branded Tent

One of the first things you’ll want for your display is a tent. A tent is a great option for your outdoor display because it serves two purposes. Your tent protects you from the elements and gets you noticed. When you’re dealing with an outdoor, summer event you have to contend with mother nature. That means you have to be prepared. With a tent you’ll be prepared, rain or shine. A tent will protect you, the rest of your display and visitors from the sun. It will also protect you in the event of a sudden rain shower. And we add your branding to your tents, so your name and logo will be visible high over the heads of the crowd.

Retractable Banners

You’ll also want a display option for people passing close to your booth. Retractable banners are a great option. Retractable banners can be easily assembled and dismantled. That means you don’t waste time setting up your display. These banners also add colorful graphics to your display. These banners will grab the attention of people who may be too close to see your name on your tent. Retractable banners are sure to grab the attention of individuals passing your tent and entice them to stop by and see what you’re offering.

A Tabletop Display

Once people are at your booth, you’ll want something to hold their attention. A tabletop display is the best option for this. A tabletop display can include awesome graphics of your products or a list of items you offer. If you’re catering the event or selling food, you can include your menu as part of your tabletop display. If you’re pitching your products or services, you can use your graphics as part of the pitch. Either way, a table top display will help you hold the attention of visitors and leave a lasting impression as they leave.

Event and Trade Show Displays for You

If you’re interested in the perfect summer event or trade show display for your business, contact our expert team today!