Three Types of Custom Vehicle Wraps

Custom vehicle wraps have an undeniable effect. People notice a vehicle that has bold graphics and words on it. Wrapping your vehicle with custom graphics is a great way to extend your branding. And because your business vehicles are traveling around, your brand messaging will be exposed to many more people than a stationary sign. 

Types of Custom Vehicle Wraps

There are three main types of vehicle wraps: full wrap, partial wrap, and spot graphics. Each type of custom vehicle wrap has its benefits, and each one can be fully customized to meet your needs. 

Wrapping your vehicle with custom graphics is a great way to extend your branding.

Full Wrap 

A full wrap covers the entire vehicle. It can be as simple as a single, solid color. It can also be a complex design or graphic. There are many options when designing a full wrap. For a business, it’s best to keep the design simple so that people can easily understand the point of the graphic as you drive by. It could be as simple as your business logo that stretches from bumper to bumper. 

Partial Wrap

A partial wrap covers a portion of the car. It can be any dimension. This is a good option if you want to keep your messaging small or don’t need the entire space of the vehicle for your branding. A partial wrap may cover the hood and doors of a vehicle or only the rear portion of the vehicle. It is generally used for a more focused brand message and is a great way to incorporate the vehicle’s original color into your design. 

Spot Graphics

A spot graphic covers a relatively small portion of a vehicle, such as a door, trunk, or hood. This is best used when you have a small graphic or only want to brand a specific portion of your vehicle. For instance, it would be a good choice for the back doors of a delivery van. Several spot graphics can be used on a single vehicle. For example, a business logo could be placed on the driver-side and passenger-side doors. Need a vehicle graphic? Get in touch for a quote on a full or partial wrap.