Tips for the Perfect Yard Sign

You’ll definitely see plenty of yard signs during election season. This isn’t the only time these signs come in handy, though. Yard signs can be a useful tool for all types of businesses. If you work in an industry like development or landscaping, these signs can advertise your business as you work. They’re also a great option for small businesses or for individuals who work out of their homes. But you need to make sure that these signs are not being ignored. By following these tips by Genesis Signs & Graphics, you can make sure that your yard signs are being seen by your target audience.

The Right Colors

One of the first decisions you need to make regarding your yard signs is color. You’ll want to match the colors and fonts you already use in your marketing and branding efforts. Keeping these colors consistent is part of building a recognizable brand that people trust. Our digital printing technology allows us to create yard signs that match your colors and fonts perfectly.

You’ll also want to consider the visibility of your colors. During the summer months, you’ll need your sign to stand out even when it’s surrounded by green grass and bright flowers. Making sure you choose colors that pop is important. You’ll want high-contrast colors that add to the visibility of your yard sign from a distance.

The Right Copy

A good sign is more than just graphics. The copy on your sign is as vital to your branding as the colors. Your sign copy needs to be free of spelling and grammatical errors. A misplaced comma can totally change the meaning of your sign. This can lead to confusion or even a serious PR issue. People will also judge your business on the quality of your copy. When people notice there are errors in your sign copy they judge your business. Poor copy reflects poorly on your business. Copy errors make your business look lazy and aloof. Make sure people take your business seriously by double checking your copy for errors.

The Right Placement

Probably the most important thing about ensuring your yard sign is being seen is making sure that the sign is placed perfectly. You’ll want to check that your sign is not hidden by hills or trees. People need to be able to see your sign from a distance, so they can read it as they approach it. You’ll also want to make sure that yard that your yard sign is placed in is well-maintained. You don’t want over-grown grass to obstruct the important information on your sign. The colors of your sign and the quality of your copy won’t matter if no one can see them.

Yard signs are a great signage option. They’re easy to install, a cinch to remove and highly versatile. Whether you want to advertise your business or an event like a neighborhood yard sale, we make yard signs that suit your needs.

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