Traditional Pop Signs vs. Modern Pop Signs – What Is the Difference?

There are many marketing concepts used by businesses to persuade customers to buy more of a given product. Point of purchase (POP) is one such effective marketing concept that has grown to be popular among brand builders. POP marketing has a range of categories to explore, but one that continues to stand out is POP signage.

POP signage includes diverse arty styles as witnessed in both traditional and modern signage. Whether your option is “A” or “B”, both will work for you. But the value of each will be better understood once we understand the difference.

Traditional POP Signs.

In contrast with the usual meaning, traditional here doesn’t necessarily mean outdated or old-fashioned. Several brands have, and are still, investing immensely on traditional pop signs. New and creative techniques are now applied to these POP signs, and this has brought a whole new twist on the usual displays witnessed on counters and retail stores.

– Materials used

Traditional POP signs are normally paper or carton cutouts with information aimed at building brand awareness, and also attract more attention.

– Enhance the tradition

Traditional POP signs have so far broken the chains of sticking to the usual hangings. Floor graphics are a testimony to this. Especially with child and beauty products, floor graphics are indeed effective to promote brand offers.

Modern POP Signs.

Compared to its traditional POP counterpart, modern POP signs are considered the most effective and also interactive. These signs are currently displayed in almost every mall including retail stores. It usually involves the incorporation of innovative, attractive, and interactive media into the different points of the POP display.

– Materials used

Modern POP signs are digital-based, meaning that display technology is involved. This innovative field of marketing is mostly displayed on:

  • backlit walls
  • digital wall displays
  • front and side interactive screens.

Modern Is the Way to Go.

Modern pop signage provides businesses with many styles as well as variations to ensure that they strategically utilize their space both inside and outside the building. This will give the customer an upper hand because of the knowledge received concerning a given brand; it will eventually convince the buyer to purchase the product.

Contact the Team of Professionals.

Whether you decide to go modern or traditional, note that the similarities here defeat the differences. POP marketing main agenda is to offer consumers huge value at its lowest price. It is for this reason that the POP technique you choose has to be bold and sophisticated to increase chances of success.

For the sake of an ideal marketing strategy, experts recommend the inclusion of both forms of POP signage in brand marketing. Contact our team of professionals at Genesis Signs for effective execution and creativity of each one of them.