Using Flat-Cut Letters on a Textured Wall

Today’s business landscape is more competitive than ever, and business owners need to take every advantage available to achieve marketing success. It’s hard enough having to compete with all the local business owners in your surrounding area, so you don’t want to be competing against yourself when it comes time to place your promotional signage. These tools are key to driving traffic and sales, and need to be well-thought-out before the logo sign placement occurs. 

Textured walls, while stylish and captivating, can make it difficult for customers, business partners, and other visitors to read signs posted on them. Installation is also more difficult in these cases because the surface isn’t uniform and therefore may cause issues when it comes to maintaining a professional appearance of the sign. Thankfully, flat-cut letters offer business owners a versatile solution when it comes to maintaining the promotional integrity of a textured wall. 

Textured Walls and Flat-Cut Letters: The Perfect Match

Flat-cut letters are the perfect way to make sure that your business signs aren’t swallowed up by any textured walls.

Because these letters are not connected to one another, they can be placed in a more creative style that enhances the look of a textured wall. Flat-cut letters even accommodate the most uneven of walls, simply requiring a bit of additional tweaking during the installation process. The result is that a uniform, professional-looking sign appears out of the chaos of a textured surface. In fact, depending on the material of the wall itself, the effect of the sign may actually be enhanced. 

Like other signage options, flat letters come in a variety of different materials, fonts, and color options, giving you a high level of customizability over how you incorporate them into your textured or uneven surface. 

Don’t Let Problematic Walls Ruin Your Marketing Strategy!

At Genesis Signs, we help business owners effectively promote their brand and business, regardless of the structure they have to work with. Reach out to us today for a quote on our signage solutions!