Vehicle Wrap Design and Composition to Deliver Strong Messages

If you’ve ever seen a vehicle wrapped with advertising or promotional content, you would have noticed that it creates the most incredible brand experience.

Create a Visual Impact With a Custom Wrap Design.

Boost your business brand with a cool wrap design.

Let’s face it, good design stands out and looks great. And when people see your business on the road doing what it does best, chances are high they will remember the name of the company or maybe even find out more about it. A good composition is what makes a vehicle wrap design stick in the viewer’s mind and be a part of their conversations even after leaving your business premises or trade show booth.

Composition simply refers to the organization and structure of a design. Whether you’re dealing with logos, typography, images, or layouts – the composition comes into play.

Usually, we think about layout in terms of where an image is placed on a page as compared to another element such as type. Sometimes this is referred to as the “white space”. The white space works together with other elements to create a sense of order, comfort, and balance.

The ease at which you can recognize the different components in your design is another aspect that contributes to its composition. You should be able to pick out the key ingredients that are important at first glance while allowing other elements to complement your design.

Wrap Your Fleet and Boost Your Business Income

Vehicle wraps offer an excellent way to take advantage of this concept by expressing your brand or message in a simple, easy-to-understand format that still clearly conveys the essence of what you are trying to communicate.

The vehicle wrap design should be kept simple. It helps the consumer remember important details about your brand with ease. Be sure you display your primary branding elements, such as image, color, and font.

If a vehicle wrap design sounds like something you can benefit from, then contact your friends at Genesis Signs. We’re always happy to help you take your branding to the next level. Visit our website today to learn more and get a quote.