Wall Graphics: A Unique Branding Option

Office décor often consists of the same prints and graphics. A number of offices wind up with similar images, making it impossible to stand out. There are other options, though. You don’t have to settle for the same, overused prints as every other office in your building. Instead, you can opt for a head-turning display that is sure to make your business stand out with anyone who sets foot in your office. Wall graphics by Genesis Signs & Graphics will add the perfect messaging and images right to the walls of your space. That means you’re sure to stand out from the crowd with these graphics.

Wall Graphics in Hickville NY


Your space should be unique. It should say something about your business and grab the attention of individuals who visit you. This unique quality will put you ahead of your competition. It will be easy for potential clients to remember who you are and what you do if you have an interesting space. One of the best ways to add that interest to your business is with compelling images that resonate with your business and mesh with your brand.

With wall graphics, you can take these interesting images and forgo the traditional display messages. You don’t need frames or glass. Instead, a wall graphic is mounted directly to your wall. This means you can cover the walls of your conference room with a breathtaking local view from floor to ceiling. Or you can add an image of an inspirational individual with a quote that matches your values. With our digital printing technology, your graphic options are limitless.


If you have a smaller space and want to add some character, lettering is a great option. You can choose from a number of fonts, sizes and colors and add branded messaging that says something about who you are as a business. You can use this lettering to display a slogan, values, inspirational words or even the names of important partners. The number of options allows you to keep your brand consistent and attractive.


You can add your logo to the walls of your space with wall graphics as well. Our technology allows us to create a logo image that can be added to your walls. We can even cut the logo so that the base color of the wall is visible in the logo.

Wall Graphics in Hickville NY

Wall Graphics for You

If you’re interested in unique branding, wall graphics are a great option. Contact our team of experts today to get the perfect wall graphics for your space.