Wayfinding Signs and Directories to Guide Customers to Better Experience

Directions will greatly improve the customer experience. Confusing or inadequate wayfinding signs or directories will sour the consumer experience.

How Wayfinding Signs Work?

Make a pleasant and comfortable visit for your clients.

A wayfinding sign is an advertisement, direction finder, or other information displayed on a surface to achieve specific information for the viewer who can be at any point away from it and still get the relevant info. Directories are lists of items organized into categories with labels that are used to find the items in a convenient and quick manner. A directory can be described as having multiple wayfinding signs that are all interconnected.

Signs need to be clear, visible, well-placed, and concise for their intended audiences, ranging from guests to staff at different levels of fluency in the English language for an international business, meaning these signs need to work for everyone who may lay eyes on them. This requires a fundamental understanding of the design, positioning, and language used in wayfinding signage. 

When to Use a Wayfinding Sign?

Wayfinding signage can be applied within a building, campus, district, or city in a variety of ways and formats. Even though signage is useful, it should not be considered just a functional means to provide directions and orientation. It needs to be designed with visual aesthetics that will lead visitors through the right information pathway to their intended destinations while maintaining brand identity and promoting a good experience throughout.

For example, color coding should be used in wayfinding signage to denote the appropriate direction and distance. This helps people filter information faster and more accurately, which in turn speeds up decision-making processes. To create a sense of trustworthiness, wayfinding signs should clearly indicate the purpose of the location, hours of operation, parking availability, or other pertinent details. Wayfinding systems are often set up in a corporate campus, office park, commercial facilities, warehouses, or hospitals.

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