Wayfinding Signs for College Campus

Navigating large and complex facilities is challenging without wayfinding signs, so it is essential to ensure that your facility has the proper directional and identifiable signs, so students, staff, and visitors don’t get lost. Without adequate and perceivable signs, it can create a confusing environment and easily avoidable situations. 

Make it Easy to Navigate the Campus 

Incorporating wayfinding signs is necessary for all large facilities and campuses.

When it comes to wayfinding signs, there are many areas around campus to consider implementing them. They are highly important and should be strategic and directional signs that identify or direct to all the various departments, buildings, facilities, and campus landmarks. Students lead busy lives, and when on campus, there is little time for delays when commuting from one class to the next. Directional signs help get them from point A to B without any confusion or the risk of getting lost. Proper signage around campus is necessary to allow for a smooth and calm environment for everyone. 

Different Sign Options

There are a few different options for wayfinding signs, and depending on the area of use will determine the type of sign. The most common sign options include post and panel signs, which are great for college campuses. These signs are easy to see and can be designed to point students and visitors in the right direction. There are three main types of signs that should be present on campus, such as:

  • Informational 
  • Directional 
  • Identification 

Each sign type has an individual purpose that helps navigate a large campus. A professional sign company can cater to all your campus sign needs and will help create the best designs.

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