Why Fleet Graphics Are Worth Every Penny

Fleet art is a cost-efficient way of expanding your company’s reach through mobile advertising. By placing custom designs on vehicles, you can extend the awareness of your brand across multiple markets, reaching all types of people – from purchasing decision-makers to everyday consumers. 

Target Specific Markets With Custom Design

Fleet graphics allow you to target your audience in a personalized way. Each vehicle can be designed to reach different audiences, so if one product is being offered at different locations, the entire fleet doesn’t need to be redone. Not only does this save time and money, but it can also be beneficial when targeting certain markets. For example, people in different age brackets often look for different kinds of designs when viewing ads.

Take your business to the next level with a branded vehicle fleet.

Connect With Consumer When They Are “On the Go”

Another benefit of fleet graphics is that they increase awareness by connecting with consumers when they’re on the go, and their message can be seen while they’re driving down the road. There’s nothing more powerful than seeing your billboard or ad on a vehicle to catch your attention.

Great ROI for Your Investment

Whether you need window graphics, wraps, fleet vehicle decals, or a more complex project in mind, 3M can work with you to create a design that accurately represents your brand in the best light. The following statistics provide additional insight into the value of fleet graphics. Online ads may often cost up to $21 for a total of a thousand impressions. On the other hand, fleet graphics sometimes cost as little as $0.15 for the same. Additionally, 64% of respondents say they notice vehicle wraps during a recent survey.

Be Everywhere Your Customers Are

Fleet art helps marketers reach an audience no matter where they go by seeing their ads every day when they’re on the run.

For Every Vehicle, There’s a Perfect Fleet Graphic

You can make window graphics for your small or large business vehicles to enhance your image on the road. Or maybe you want to put your company logo on your utility truck, motorcycle, or boat? 3M creates wraps for any type of vehicle. 

If you want to invest in fleet graphics, make sure you pick the right company to do it. Here at Genesis Signs, we’re committed to bringing you the best fleet graphics possible. Visit our website today to learn more.