Window Graphics Make for Great Advertising

You may not think of them this way, but your storefront windows have awesome advertising potential. Your windows often give people a glimpse into your space, revealing what types of products you sell or what you do. But they could be doing more than just being a literal window into your business. Your windows could be one of your greatest advertising assets. You just need the right type of images. With window graphics by Genesis Signs & Graphics, you can turn your windows into billboards. Our graphics make for the perfect window advertising and can add privacy to your space too.

Window Graphics in Hicksville NY

Use Your Space

One of the best parts about using window graphics is that they utilize space you already pay for. Whether you rent or own your store, window graphics can use the windows that are already there to advertise your business and build your brand. Since you already have the windows, you don’t wind up having to pay for any extra mounting hardware. You utilize space you already own and get awesome advertising too.

A Great Canvas

Window graphics make for great advertising because your windows are a perfect canvas. When people walk by a window, they’re inclined to look in and see what that business is providing. They may even just be looking at themselves in the reflection of your glass. Either way, people are going to have their heads turned toward your windows anyway. This means your display is going to be noticed as people walk by. Your storefront windows are often at the perfect height too. People won’t have to strain to read a massive sign high above their heads. They’ll already be looking at your signs.

Easy Installation

Window graphics are also incredibly easy to install and remove. This makes them a highly versatile option. You can use window graphics to advertise seasonal sales and promotions or any type of short-term marketing. Then they can be quickly and easily changed out as you start your new campaign or sale. And you won’t have to shut down your business for these graphics to be installed. They go up easily and can be taken down just as quick.

Add Privacy

Another benefit of window graphics is their ability to add privacy. Not every business wants people to be able to see clearly into their store or office. Restaurants may prefer to keep their dining rooms private, so diners do not feel uncomfortable as they eat. And banks handle sensitive information that they need to shield from wandering eyes. Window graphics are perfect for this type of privacy because they can be made to cover a whole window for a business like a bank. Or they can be made to cover strategic areas, which is great for a restaurant. This allows people to get the feel of your dining room but prevents them from being able to gawk at diners.

Window Graphics in Hicksville NY

Window Graphics for Your Business

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