3 Essential Exterior Sign Solutions

Exterior signs are the first thing people see and remember when they drive by or walk past your business, so it’s essential to use them wisely and strategically. There are several types of exterior signs to consider installing at your business: monument signs, post and panel signs, and building logo signs, which can all help you make an impact in your community, attract new customers, and ultimately help you drive sales. Here’s what you need to know about each of these types of exterior sign solutions, and why they’re crucial to getting customers through your front door.

Monument Sign

If you want to create a strong visual statement and your store is on a busy street, consider installing a monument sign. Because they’re large, they’re also more expensive than other signs. However, as an owner of one of these signs, you gain instant name recognition and will be immediately associated with whatever business you operate in your storefront. Monument signs are commonly used by supermarkets and big-box stores because they can attract customers from miles away. Depending on where your sign is located, it can increase foot traffic by up to 25 percent!

Post and Panel Sign

Exterior signs are the first thing people see and remember.

Commonly, small businesses will use post and panel signs as their primary sign because they are less expensive than monument signs. The post and panel sign is a great solution for small businesses because it can be altered with more ease, allowing you to easily change your message or graphics depending on what’s going on in your business at any given time. 

Building Logo Sign

If you want to brand your building with a limited budget, a simple logo sign affixed to your building will do just that. A large logo sign can be placed on your building so it can easily be seen and taken note of by those who drive by. Additionally, if you have multiple locations, then a corporate office logo sign located on each is another way of promoting your business to those passing by.