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Our carved signs are perfect for attaining a sophisticated and professional look on the side of your business’s building.

Classy Sign Options

What exactly is a carved sign? A carved sign is a non-illuminated sign where the letters and logo are cut into a particular depth of the material. They are made out of rigid and durable materials designed to withstand any outdoor condition.

They are generally the preferred option for businesses required to adhere to their commercial property regulations. Additionally, these signs are perfect for companies wanting a more toned down, inconspicuous look.

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Carved Signs

Carved signs are generally made out of rigid PVC. Alternatively, they can be made with high-density urethane (HDU), a sturdy foam board. HDU is a durable material that can withstand exterior conditions as it does not absorb moisture or crack. Your design is carved into the material to produce an indented effect.

Sandblasted Signs

A sandblaster achieves a slightly different finished look than a carved sign. Rather than using a carving tool, a sandblaster is used to remove the space around your desired design to create a sticking out effect. A sandblaster works by shooting compressed air through the gun, requiring a sufficient amount of skill. Our design team is more than qualified and skilled in using the tool necessary for both carved signs and sandblasted signs.

Our Work

Our Design Team

Our design team at Genesis Signs & Graphics will gladly work with you to design a carved sign. These signs can be quite intricate, but our team is always up for the challenge. No matter the look you are searching for, be it a sign for a modern or traditional business, we will cut your materials to your exact specifications. You’ll be impressed with your finished product that we deliver.

Need help coming up with the perfect idea for a carved sign? Our team can help you develop a beautiful and effective design to make the most out of your carved sign. Contact us at Genesis Signs & Graphics to learn more about your options.