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Genesis Signs and Graphics provides custom hospital and healthcare signs, both outdoor & indoor, that steer patients in the right direction when medical needs in Long Island, NY.

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High-Quality Signs for a Healthcare Facility or Clinic in Long Island, NY

Signage at healthcare facilities, large and small, helps improve patient experiences, increase brand awareness, promote your services, and so much more. They are also essential to the overall health and safety of all individuals, from patients to staff to visiting loved ones.

With the support of a full-service Long Island outdoor healthcare sign company, your healthcare facility will make a professional first impression and instill confidence in visitors through high-quality signage. Genesis Signs & Graphics is the go-to signage partner for hospitals, senior living communities, clinics, physiotherapists, and numerous other healthcare providers in Long Island, NY. Ready to get started today?

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All Types of Outdoor Healthcare and Medical Facility Signage

Each medical or healthcare facility has a unique approach to patient care and business, which is why unique signs are required for each client we work with. Choose from a nearly endless list of signs to craft your perfect signage system. Whether you are looking for indoor, outdoor, or portable signs, we are the team for you. We design, produce, and install:

  • Entrance signs
  • Lobby signs
  • Door signs
  • Digital signs
  • ER signs
  • Posters
  • ADA signs
  • Banners
  • Parking signs
  • Traffic signs
  • LED signs
  • Monument signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Rooftop signs
  • And more

We use high-quality materials and digital printing for fade-resistant, durable signs. Whether they undergo regular cleaning or rough handling, your signs will deliver years of hassle-free service.

If you’re unsure which sign best suits your unique needs, speak with one of our sign specialists to receive tailored recommendations or assistance during the selection process. We have also outlined the specific benefits of our most popular sign solutions below for your convenience. Kickstart your sign decisions today!


As they are customizable and cost-effective, vinyl banners are ideal for guiding patients, showcasing programs, and introducing branding. Our banners come in a variety of configurations, such as wall banners, hanging banners, event banners, and retractable banners.

Wayfinding & Directional Signage

Guide patients, visitors, and staff effectively around your premises with wayfinding signage. Choose from a wide range of signs, from door and directory signs to directional arrows and more. We personalize all signs with your branding, preferred message, and more while ensuring they meet compliance, too.

Wall and Window Graphics

Decorate corridors and rooms with eye-catching wall and window signs. Display artwork, mission statements, and promotions, or add privacy to your offices or patient rooms. We can print virtually any design on graphics and cut them into any shape.

Importance of Healthcare Signs

Signage is a vital part of any business. It helps brand the space tastefully, promote services, and enhance experiences, but when used for healthcare, there are additional purposes for signage. Here’s how you can use signs at your facility:

  • Manage foot traffic around the facility
  • Remind staff of best practices for hygiene, sanitizing, and equipment safety
  • Establish a professional impression on visitors
  • Showcase your branding to build recognition and recall
  • Comply with ADA requirements to create an accessible space
  • Label rooms so patients are easier to locate
  • Optimize traffic and parking on the premises

Custom Indoor and Outdoor Healthcare Signage Company

Whether yours is a small clinic or a multi-location healthcare facility, we are the outdoor healthcare sign company in Long Island for you. Enjoy an end-to-end experience with a team that handles all stages of the signage process, such as:
  • Conceptualization and Planning
  • Design
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Maintenance and Repairs
You will work with creative professionals committed to delivering value. We spend time understanding your needs to help elevate patient experiences at your facility and boost your business.

A Proven Partner for Healthcare Signage in Long Island, NY

Genesis Signs & Graphics is the go-to partner for high-quality signage designed to perform in the rigors of healthcare. Over many years, we have earned a reputation for delivering exceptional quality products and excellent customer service. Book a complimentary consultation to discover how our team goes the extra mile to deliver the value you expect.