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Truck Vinyl Wrapping in Long Island, NY

What Are Truck Wraps?

A truck wrap is a large graphic printed on an adhesive vinyl film and applied to your truck. Wraps are made of thin, lightweight sheets designed to act as a second skin for your truck. They are an effective way to boost your business’s branding, especially if you brand your entire fleet.

Businesses use truck decals in Long Island to cover their trucks’ sides, doors, and windows. These wraps turn vehicles into rolling billboards, unlocking enormous advertising and branding opportunities. Wraps are usually installed by professionals who begin the process by cleaning and preparing the truck’s body. The wrap is printed using a large-format printer, trimmed to fit the contours and shape of the truck, and applied to create a seamless image.

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Brand Your Truck and Maximize Marketing Opportunities

Whether you want to decorate your vehicle with stunning graphics or boost advertising opportunities with a truck wrap in Long Island, our experts are the team for you. Get the show on the road with a commercial vehicle wrap provider responsible for the design, printing, installation, and maintenance of these unique marketing tools.

Why Do You Need a Car & Truck Wrap?

Car and truck wraps are durable and can withstand Long Island, NY’s harsh climate. You can also laminate your wraps with a transparent film for additional protection against scratching and fading. Lamination is available in a variety of finishes, including matte, gloss, and luster. We also provide anti-graffiti lamination to protect your vehicle against vandalism.

Benefits of Truck Wraps

Discover the wide range of benefits truck wraps offer for your business, including:

  • Mobile Billboard for Your Business

Wraps turn your vehicles into rolling billboards. As your vehicles spend time on the roads, more and more people see your branding and message. You can reach new and diverse audiences far and wide, growing branding recognition and visibility.

  • Cost-Effective Branding Option

Unlike TV ads and radio spots, truck wraps are some of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. A wrap offers years of hassle-free service, and no recurring costs are associated with keeping the wrap on your vehicle.

  • Maximize Impressions

Attractive graphics can generate millions of impressions every year, making them an effective way to get noticed. The increased visibility increases brand awareness and expands your business.

  • Make a Professional Impression

Branded trucks help you create a professional first impression for your business. They signal to customers that you respect your business and are a trusted partner.

  • Protect Your Vehicle

Wrapped trucks protect their paintwork from scuffs, scratches, and wear from being on the road. They can increase the truck’s resale value, too.When you take the wrap off, you’ll have pristine paint underneath.

  • Express Your Creativity

Wraps are incredibly customizable, meaning you can wrap your truck with exactly the designs you want. You can incorporate your logo, colors, business name, designs, and more.

Truck Wrap Options

There are numerous wraps that you can use on your vehicles, including full wraps, partial wraps, and spot graphics. Learn more about different truck wrap options and their uses below.

A full wrap covers all sides of the vehicle, including the hood, doors, quarter panels, and even the windows.

Partial wraps allow you to cover a part of the vehicle, such as a single side or the roof.

  • Spot Graphics

These are vinyl letters and graphics that can be installed on the truck’s doors, side panels, and windows.

Our Truck Wrapping Process

We offer an end-to-end wrapping process.

  • Consultation and design: We meet with you to understand your vision and goals. Our team prepares custom designs that suit your branding.
  • Material selection: We identify cost-effective vinyl films for your project, working with only high-quality materials from companies like 3M and Avery.
  • Printing and preparation: Our team prints the wrap using state-of-the-art printing technology. Your vehicle is cleaned before the wrap is installed to create a sleek finish.
  • Installation: We install the wrap carefully, smoothing out air bubbles and aligning graphics seamlessly.

Industry-Leading Truck Wrap Provider

Genesis Signs and Graphics is a leading sign company in Long Island, NY. As a MWBE-certified, family-owned business, we bring unmatched expertise and passion to every project.

Truck Wrap Experts in Long Island, NY

Our team provides an end-to-end experience and is dedicated to bringing your dream wraps to life. Our wraps enhance your brand’s image and deliver years of hassle-free performance for your business.

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