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Genesis Signs & Graphics is a premier ADA sign designer and manufacturer in Long Island, NY. We can ensure your business contains the necessary ADA signage required by the Act. While these signs are required by law, they can still be customized so long as they comply with ADA’s standards.

ADA Signs Maker Serving Long Island, NY

ADA-compliant signage is required in specific areas of businesses to promote accessibility to business for all. These regulations require all permanent spaces to have ADA-compliant signs that provide a designation, label, or name for the rooms or interior spaces. Some examples include signs labeling the following areas:

  • Restrooms
  • IT rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Changing room
  • Utility room
  • Storage room
  • Mechanical room
  • Exam room
  • Conference room
  • Floor number
  • Room numbers

What Are ADA Room Signs?

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a comprehensive law that states guidelines to prohibit discrimination against those living with disabilities. It lays down precise details governing institutions and buildings to accomplish inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities.

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Room ID Signs

Room ID signs are required under the ADA and are an integral part of a wayfinding master plan. Normally, these signs are placed adjacent to doorway entrances and follow ADA compliance standards, which means having both raised tactile copy and Grade 2 braille. Room identification signage can help people with disabilities find any area they need in any public place. If you’re looking for Custom Made Braille and Restroom Signs for Long Island, New York, let us help you with our top-quality custom ADA signs.   

Designing Custom ADA Braille & Compliant Signage

Of course, the main purpose of ADA-compliant signs is to provide safety and accessibility for visitors. That being said, these signs can still match your company’s aesthetics. Our design team can pick complimentary colors to your existing decor or accompany any of your other interior signs. We manufacture multiple styles and mounting options, ranging from aluminum frames to acrylic materials. Our premium quality ADA/accessibility signs can help improve the accessibility of your Long Island business.  

Although ADA only applies to rooms that do not frequently change their purpose, we offer options that accommodate updating rooms to avoid any potential issue. One such solution is paper insert options that can be updated to display new names or numbers. These temporary solutions are perfect for areas that are likely to change, such as classrooms. A math classroom could be updated to a science lab the next session, so using temporary signage lets businesses accommodate new changes.

Types of ADA Signs

ADA-compliant signs should fulfill various requirements, such as character spacing, font, background, finish, and character texture. As long as the ADA guidelines are followed, these signs can be of the following type:

  • Pictograms
  • Tactile signs, such as those with Braille dots
  • Basic informational or directional signs 

What Are ADA Sign Compliance Guidelines?

An essential part of complying with ADA signs requirements is determining the correct placement of such signs. There are specific rules stating the installation and placement of ADA signs to ensure safety and accessibility for everyone. Every business or private establishment open to the public in Long Island, NY should follow these guidelines to avoid ADA ramifications. These guidelines include:

  • All ADA-compliant signage should not be installed directly on a door except when there is no available space adjacent to the door. 
  • The bottom of the lowest text row of the sign should be at least 48” from the floor, and the top of the highest row of text should not be more than 60” high from the floor. 
  • Braille and tactile characters of the signs should be mounted on the latch side of the door of the room or area being identified.
  • All raised characters should be raised at least 1/32” from their background or back wall and should be in uppercase in the sans serif font. 
  • The background and characters should be in contrast with each other and have a non-glare finish. 

Why Choose Us for ADA Signs in Long Island, NY ?

Genesis Signs & Graphics understands the requirements set out by the ADA and can design your signs to comply accordingly, all the while matching your company’s look. Whether your style is vibrant and chic or elegant and minimalist, we have signs to fulfill your needs. Leave it to us to make sure your signs are following the rules and regulations to avoid you from facing potential future complications. If you have a business in Long Island, NY, it is essential to adhere to the ADA Standards for Accessible Designs for more detailed instructions and signage in your business.

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