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Genesis Signs & Graphics specializes in creating eye-catching signs for the front area of your business.

First Impressions Sign Makers

If a visitor enters your door, you want to make a powerful first impression. Before all else, visitors notice the entire aesthetic of your business’s front area. What sort of impact do you want your lobby to have? An impressive office, lobby, or logo sign will help create an atmosphere suitable for your business’s purpose.

We Specialize in Custom Lobby & Logo Signages

An impactful sign accurately exhibits a brand’s image. Depending on your industry, you’ll either want a more conservative or modern look. Regardless, we use the highest materials to create the appearance you desire. We carry multiple materials in multiple colors and finishes to bring your vision to life. Lobby signs can include your brand’s logo and name, tagline, and even contact information, depending on what type of sign you’d like for your front entrance area.

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Office Logo Signs for Wall

A well-designed, tasteful lobby sign communicates your company’s level of professionalism to your clients and visitors. When your customers first visit your office, you try to do everything possible to make a good impression and convey that they are in reliable hands. 

An elegant logo sign in your lobby enhances the look of your workplace and showcases your professional character. It also shows that you take pride in your brand and products. Whether you want a backlit lobby sign, metal cut, or acrylic sign, we can help you create a striking logo sign for your Long Island, NY office. 

Browse Types of Lobby Signs

You can choose among several lobby signs with unique designs to adorn your lobby. We offer the following lobby signs in Long Island, NY:

  • Dimensional Logo Signs: One of the most basic styles of lobby signs is dimensional letter logo signs. These eye-catching, stylish, sleek, and elegant signs are perfect to match your existing office lobby design. Dimensional letter signs can be made using aluminum, steel, acrylic, and metal laminates as per your preference and requirements. These office logo signs are designed and cut individually to enhance the look of your office space. 
  • Backlit Lobby Signs: Using backlit signs for your office lobby can highlight your logo and brand name while adding a touch of classiness to your workspace. A backlit lobby logo sign is the perfect combination of technology with art. 
  • Cut Metal Lobby Logos: We produce metal logos using aluminum, stainless steel, brass, bronze, and more. Metal logos will help you make a statement by creating a sophisticated overall look. Cut metal logos are available in a variety of finishes to complement your office interiors, such as brushed aluminum, polished aluminum, brushed brass, and more. 
  • Acrylic With Metal Laminate Logos: These types of lobby signs are a cost-effective option that can give you the sleek finish of a metal logo without spending much. Metal sheets of the desired size are laminated onto your choice of acrylic colors using a combination of chemical bonding, high pressure, and heat. 

Ideal Lobby Sign Material for Your Logo

Unsurprisingly, you can choose among the several materials available for designing your office logo and customize it any way you want, including its thickness, size, application method, color, and design. The type of material you choose will significantly affect the final result of your office logo. Whether your office lobby branding is colorful and quirky or elegant and chic, we can customize your logo sign to complement your existing theme and décor. 

Some of the commonly used materials for lobby signs include:

  • Acrylic
  • Metal
  • PVC
  • Metal laminate
  • Cut vinyl 
  • Formed plastic 

Each of the materials above has its own pros and cons, we can help you select a suitable material that fulfills your requirements and matches your budget. The type of material ideal for your office signs depends on overall cost, durability, and the final look you want.  

Our Office Design Team

We are masters in the design and manufacturing process, especially for front areas and lobbies. Our design team understands that a sign needs to be both professional and stimulating at the same time. We can help with best practice solutions for designing a logo sign that encapsulates your business’s spirit. We recognize that there is no one size fits all for signs—all of our signs are customized according to your company’s style, including your brand’s logo, colors, and graphics. We can help you start with the design stage all the way to the sign’s installation.

A lobby sign should convey your business’s brand culture while enhancing your visitor’s view of your company. Your business deserves a striking, memorable sign. Genesis Signs & Graphics can help you meet all of these requirements and more to come up with a perfect solution for your lobby and office signs that complements your space, interior decor, and budget. If you are looking for lobby sign experts in Long Island, NY, reach out so, we can begin working together on your lobby office, lobby, and logo sign.