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Genesis Signs & Graphics produces striking custom channel letter signs for the exterior of buildings.

Non-Illuminated Signs

There’s a reason that dimensional logo and lettering signs are the most sought after; they pop out from the surface and grab the attention of your customers, building brand awareness and recognition.

Dimensional logo signs go by many names, 3D lettering, raised lettering, or multi-dimensional lettering, but the effect is the same; powerful and dynamic logo signs! Three characteristics make dimensional signs powerful marketing tools to get your business seen and remembered:

  • Credibility
  • Versatility
  • Visibility

Wherever your logo sign is placed, each letter, symbol, and number is tailored to flow perfectly with the environment. A smooth and pleasing composition of a dimensional logo sign will look more professional and give your brand more credibility. Credibility inspires confidence and trust in your audience. Whether your logo sign will live on the facade of your building or a wall in your lobby area, finding the best placement will heighten the impact and strengthen brand awareness.

Exterior & Interior  Dimensional Signage

Interior dimensional signs can be placed on any surface, in any location, and created with various materials in numerous styles. The versatility of dimensional signs makes them universally popular for both exterior and interior logo signs.

The 3D effect gives dimensional signs movement and energy, making them more visible, more eye-catching. They are highly effective as exterior signage on building facades, storefronts, as we all as monument signs.

In a world where your brand competes for attention, dimensional logo and lettering signs will give you a significant advantage.

Below is an overview of the Dimensional Logo & Lettering Signs we offer at Genesis Signs & Graphics.

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Contour-Cut Signage

Also known as flush mount signage, the characters are cut out of a design and individually mounted to the building’s exterior.

All of our Dimensional Logo and Lettering Signs are customizable and produce a sophisticated look. If you’re unsure of which type of Dimensional sign suits your business best, our design team at Genesis Signs & Graphics will be happy to help you develop a channel letter sign that is both visible and impactful. Contact us to learn more.