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Wall decals and wraps have the power to bring an indoor space to life. Genesis Signs & Graphics design custom, awe-inspiring wall graphics that will impress any visitor who walks through your door in Long Island, NY. 

Custom Wall Wraps and Graphics Printing Services in Long Island, NY

Suited for businesses of all types, our wall wraps can be customized to transform dull, blank walls into masterpieces. The customizable options are practically endless, featuring words, pictures, and graphics.

Wall murals, which are made of durable vinyl, add a visually appealing and instantly noticeable element to any type of business. Whether you own a restaurant or a retail store, a wall mural is an excellent way to personalize an interior or exterior wall in your establishment.

Need Vinyl Wall Murals for Your Business?

Consider custom wall wraps if you want to incorporate art or functional signage into the interior or exterior of your business. Wall murals or wall graphics can be used to display these graphics. Wall graphics can be made to last for a long time, or can be made with lower-grade adhesives for a quick fix.

Genesis Signs & Graphics is your trusted interior wall wraps maker in Long Island, NY. Our staff enjoys teaming up with customers to design unique vinyl wall wraps that advance commercial or retail spaces. Using your walls is a great way to showcase accomplishments and support the development of an environment that enables your business to flourish.

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Wall Wrap Design

Whether you already know exactly what you want, or need some guidance, our in-house design team can help you develop a design that best showcases your business’s image. Our team will work with you to create a unique, beautiful wall wrap that represents your company’s purpose. We can support you with concept creation, layout, and design, all the way to installation.

Where to use interior wall wraps

Tired of your wall graphics? Businesses evolve—we get it. A benefit of installing a wall wrap is that it can easily be replaced or removed to adapt to your business’s changing needs and desires. We can update your wall graphics to reflect your business’s current objective, from supporting changes in branding or advertising new business promotions.

Any space can benefit from wall graphics—from hallways to reception areas. Want to show off your business’s work culture? Add a quote that inspires. Want to promote your brand? Let’s design a wall wrap together that best represents your business’s mission. We’ll work with you from start to finish and make sure you are thrilled with the results. No matter the challenge, we are up for it. All to help you showcase the best of your business. Contact us to get started. 

What Is the Difference Between Wall Decals and Wall Wraps?

A wall wrap is sized to completely or partially cover a wall, unlike a decal that is custom-cut and intended to be applied to specific areas in your wall. Also, wraps often lack any transparent components and are entirely opaque. They can provide offices and rooms with privacy.

Aside from their coverage difference, what sets them apart is the final product. Simply put, if you want a monochromatic design, you need a decal, and if you want something detailed and in a variety of colors, a wrap is a way to go.

When looking for trusted makers of quality wall decals in Long Island, NY, Genesis Signs & Graphics is the name to trust. Contact us today and speak with our team of professionals for wall wrap design ideas.

Custom Wall Wraps for Business

Genesis Signs & Graphics creates wall wraps and wall decals in Long Island, NY that are a low-cost marketing option for businesses that produce long-lasting results. Inspire your clients with an inspirational quote on a feature wall, or go for a dramatic print that covers every wall in your boardroom. You can also make an eye-catching logo decal to hang behind the reception desk.

Wall Decals: Great for Events and Offices

Wall wraps are vinyl graphics that can be installed on almost any surface, and can include any message or information that you want. They can be tailored to your specifications in terms of size, design, colors, message, and so on.

They are a great way to completely transform the appearance of your room, conference room, office, reception area, building, or exhibition in a short amount of time without having to remodel or repaint the entire space. This means that if you need a change of scenery, wall wraps are a much more affordable option that will instantly add a wave of new energy to any space.

You can also use these wraps temporarily for events, or permanently to add a touch of your company branding to the interiors of your office, resulting in a consistent color scheme throughout.

Genesis Signs & Graphics in NY Offers Wall Wrap Installation Services

Installing a wall wrap is often preferable compared with the time-consuming and labor-intensive practice of painting or applying wallpaper due to its easy application. However, it is an effort that requires planning, measurement, teamwork, and safety awareness.

Our installers will first clear and clean the wall, measure and mark the position of the wall wrap or wallcovering, and unravel the wall wrap from the center with a squeegee. The excess is then trimmed, and we apply firm pressure to the edges and overlaps.