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Genesis Signs & Graphics can install window privacy films to any glass surface to add privacy without cramping the style of your business in Long Island, NY. 

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Although the significance of a business’s window space is often overlooked, it can be used as an important tool. Window privacy films go far beyond providing your business with some privacy—they can make your windows less fragile, control glare, and even reduce sun penetration. Not to mention they can add style with color and pattern.

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Common Uses For Window Privacy Film

Here are some common spots that benefit from window privacy film:

  • Glass doors. Window privacy films are ideal for displaying business hours and other pertinent information. In addition to windows, glass doors can be masked with frosted patterns, numbers, or lettering.
  • Storefront decor. Retail stores can especially benefit from window privacy film and can add some decoration.
  • Reception area. Window privacy film obstructing the view of an entrance to the lobby provides some privacy for employees and visitors alike while keeping the style and feel of the area professional.  
  • Meeting rooms. Glass meeting rooms might require some seclusion to eliminate distractions from outside. Window privacy films for meeting rooms can also serve as a means to enhance your brand’s vision by using printed or cut-patterned designs to impress outside visitors.  
  • Home decor. Privacy films can be used on street-facing windows to obscure the view from inside your home, to increase both privacy and security. This is also an excellent option for protecting items inside the home from the sun as the window privacy film diffuses light, which is especially useful for areas that receive strong sunlight.

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Genesis Signs & Graphics can help you decide on which areas of your business are most suited to window privacy film. Get in touch with us so we can find creative ways to incorporate privacy window film into your space.