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Genesis Signs & Graphics designs step and repeat backdrop banners to display your company’s logo in a repeated fashion.

These backdrops are used at media press conferences, special events, or red carpet events. They are a fun, impressive way of making an impact at a special event. They may be used to provide decoration to an empty space, or event goers will use them as the backdrop for their photos. Regardless, they are for showing off a company’s brand, usually with a diagonal pattern containing one or two logos. Step and repeat backdrops make a neat addition to an event while promoting your business.


Step and repeat backdrops can either be made out of vinyl banner material or polyester fabric. Vinyl tends to be the more economical option. However, vinyl is more likely to reflect a flash in photos, so it might not be the best choice if your plan is to mainly use it as a photo backdrop. On the other hand, the polyester fabric absorbs the camera flash, and as a result, makes an excellent photo backdrop. Both options are lightweight and portable.

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Backdrop Set Up

Step and repeat backdrops do not require a wall and come with poles, making them easy to set up in a standalone fashion. As they are quite large, we recommend setting them up in an area that has less traffic. If your banner is printed double-sided, you’ll want to consider the best spot so that both sides can be used at all times without interference.

Step and repeat backdrops are a super powerful marketing tool for special events and fundraisers. Your company will not go unnoticed at an event with a decorative backdrop. Contact us to get started on creating a step and repeat backdrop for your next event.